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Enjoy our planet friendly food while sipping on an extraordinary cocktail.

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Healthy or junkie side?

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That primitive feeling of offering a rewarding meal, after a day well spent, still lingers over the very essence of Parisian restaurant. Continuously serving the healthy and junkie side of the day and whatever Mother Nature have to offer

Our top Parisian location

12:00 - 00:00

174 Quai de Jemmapes



Paris... its beauty, its streets, its portrait painters, we all know. Located in the center of the most famous district, brings you vibezzzz not only in food, but also in the environment.

La Carte

Get the vibe

Imagine sitting in the best Parisian district, sipping your oat milk flat white, waiting for your favourite veggie wrap while watching street artists and young lady on the bike holding newspaper.

Our beautiful customers

Don't just get impressed with our amazing website. Listen to what others say.

Parisian is the best Webflow Restaurant template out there.

Everybody should try their kids menu, yummy!

With my wife we go there every weekend. 5 stars!

I love the template, I love the vibe, I love Parisian.

Join parisian academy

Become Parisian certified veggie master. Learn how to cook planet approved food without any waste.

$ 499.00 USD

Barista course

Learn how to make barista level coffee and receive a certificate after that. PS: we teach only on veggie milk.

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$ 1,299.00 USD

La maison course

The true veggie Parisian course, giving you all the skills to cook dishes just like in our restaurant. Barista course included in the price!

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$ 3,999.00 USD

Fine dining course

Take your cooking to the next level with our fine dining course and learn how to cook top-notch planet friendly dishes.

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